During the current phase of ELLA, 2014 to 2017, six themes are being researched in depth in the current round of comparative research by the paired Latin American and African research centres. Over the next two years, this research will result in a series of research papers, as well as guides, briefs and other communication materials, which will be published on the ELLA site, and housed in the Publications Library.

The Research Paper series will include Design and Methods Papers, Regional Evidence Papers and Comparative Research Papers, written up in a form which achieves rigorous academic standards. Communication materials will be derived from these to outreach to policymakers and practitioners.

Previously, between 2011 and 2014, the ELLA programme researched and synthesised Latin American experience on some 21 themes, covering around 80 topics. The evidence and lessons from these experiences have been written up in the ELLA material contained in the Publications Library: Guides, Briefs, Spotlights on Knowledge, Spotlights on Organisations, and some multimedia products.


ELLA Guides present a general overview of a theme, offering a window on the evidence and lessons coming from Latin America’s experiences. They highlight how the theme and evidence are relevant to Asian and African contexts.Guides help orientate the reader to the key sub-issues related to the theme and offer quick links to other relevant ELLA knowledge materials.


ELLA Briefs focus on specific topics highlighted in the Guide. Briefs present policy initiatives, reviews of practice and implementation, and case studies. The Briefs draw out the contextual and enabling factors underlying the Latin American experiences, to facilitate a critical review of the likely transferability of the Latin American experiences to other contexts.


Spotlights on Knowledge orientate the reader to the key publications (original research, policy analysis, and programme evaluations) and main arguments related to the issues presented in the Guides or Briefs. Spotlights on Knowledge offer a quick analysis of the publication or argument with links to the original text.


Spotlights on Organisations orientate the reader to the key organisations relevant to the particular themes, specifically highlighting areas of expertise and main contributions to the field, and drawing out what that organisation can offer to Asian and African readers.


The Multimedia category includes podcasts and short videos that have been produced to complement the different thematic Guides and Briefs and to highlight specific issues raised.


As part of ongoing efforts to ensure quality in our research and communications, the ELLA team asks recognised experts to conduct reviews of the knowledge materials on a given theme and produce a short written response.The purpose is to highlight a range of distinct perspectives amongst experts in the field and link readers with additional research, cases and arguments that the original ELLA materials may not cover.


ELLA Research Papers are a new publication, an output of the second phase of ELLA. They present in-depth research, including evidence syntheses, original data collection and analysis, and comparative research, to inform the transferability of experiences between Latin American and African countries. The series will include papers on the Design and Methods adopted for the research, Regional Evidence Papers on Latin America and Africa, and Comparative Evidence Papers.



ELLA Learning Alliance Highlights provide an overview of the discussions and conclusions of the ELLA Learning Alliances. They contain a week by week summary of the discussions, highlighting contributions from participants; conclusions drawn together by the moderator of the Learning Alliance; plus links to all the learning materials accessed during the Alliance.