Participants of the Small Scale farming Sudy Tour in Valle del Mantaro (Perú)
Participants of the Small Scale farming Sudy Tour in Valle del Mantaro (Perú)

ELLA Learning Alliances bring together peers from across the global south – from government, civil society, the private sector, the academic community and the wider development community – to learn from each other, drawing on rigorous, evidence-based research.
The objective of the Alliances is for these professionals to discern how and where this shared understanding and knowledge has lessons for tackling development challenges in their own countries and contexts.To date, each Learning Alliance has provided:

Work through an interactive platform, email updates, meetings in several countries and first-hand visits for a small group of participants (from Africa to Latin America)

Has brought together professional peers from Latin America, Africa, and other regions, to engage in a programme of exchange and learning

Networking between individuals and organisations facing common development challenges, encouraging the initiation of collaborative efforts

Alliances are open to professionals who either work on the Alliance development theme or in an area closely related to it.

New Learning Alliances in March 2016

During the current phase of ELLA, we will be holding  six new Learning Alliances, with a broadly similar set of objectives and structure, devoted to the current set of themes that are being researched:

Informality and Inclusive Growth

Land Tenure in Pastoralist Societies

Local Content Policies in the Oil and Gas Sector

Horizontal Accountability

Community-based Crime Prevention

Domestic Violence

Participant of Extractive Industries Study Tour
Participant of Extractive Industries Study Tour

The details on these Learning Alliances will be advertised in late  March 2016, and they will begin on 23 May 2016 . Click  on each of the Learning Alliances to find out more about them,  including full outline and registering to join them.

If you are interested in any other detail of the Learning Alliances in  general,  please send an email to  Andrea.Baertl@solucionespracticas.org.pe, indicating your query.

Earlier Learning Alliances 2012-13

During 2012 and 2013, ELLA developed and ran six Learning Alliances on:

Extractive Industries: achieving socially just and environmentally sound investment in mining and energy

Citizen Oversight: practical promotion of citizen oversight of public policies and programmes

Climate Change Adaptation: community-based adaptation in arid and semi-arid regions

Small-scale Farming: practical steps in promoting small-scale sustainable farming and rural development

Human Rights: steps in building institutions that promote and defend human rights

Climate Resilient Cities: identifying best practices and methodologies for making cities more resilient to climate change

The structure of, and outputs from, these Alliances are discussed in more detail on the  Learning Alliances page.