DSC_0172-620x260-2 ELLA through our partner´s eyes (Video) Tuesday July 21st, 2015 - In a recent research coordination workshop, held at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in Brighton we interviewed our partners, and discussed what they thought about the ELLA programme and its objective that countries learn from the development experiences of countries in another region. We also talked about their views on working in partnerships and knowledge exchange for policy impact between regions. Find out what they think in this video.
ELLA Comparative Research: One Year In Wednesday June 24th, 2015 - ELLA has evolved in the last year or so. Collaborative, comparative research is now undertaken by paired research centres from Latin America and Africa. Don Leonard, a post-doctoral fellow at Tulane University and a research methods expert, has been working with the research centres. In this article, he explores the challenges of comparative research across regions, based on ELLA’s experience over the last year.
slider1- 620x260 The evolution of the ELLA programme Tuesday June 23rd, 2015 - In this interview, Mark Lewis, ELLA Programme Director, explains the evolution of ELLA over the last five years – from disseminating Latin America's experiences, to comparative Latin American-African research, aimed at easing the exchange of knowledge between the two regions.
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