(English) [ELLA Community blog series] Livelihood through Self-help Groups (SHGs): Cases from Rural India 06 de octubre de 2017 - (English) The research paper is based on study carried out by the author on Self-help Groups (SHG) from rural India. It is pertinent to mention that according to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) SHG means “an association whose members agree to work together for common objective”. The donor agencies and government organize SHGs for the economic improvement of rural households (Glossary of terms for agricultural insurance & rural finance, FAO, 1992). The cases of SHG, which have been gaining momentum across rural India, are presented with few case studies, conducted by the author in different periods of time. The author has observed that it has created tremendous impact among the rural women who mostly belong to Below Poverty Line (BPL) categories as not only family income has gone up but they have been feeling empowered also.
(English) [ELLA Community blog series] Land tenure in pastoralist societies: A personal testimony on experience in Karamoja, Uganda 04 de octubre de 2017 - (English) As I toured across the Karamoja sub-region of Uganda I got strong impressions that the recently won relative peace is under threat from emerging and spreading land and land related conflicts...
(English) [ELLA Community blog series] Beyond Stated Objectives: How a south-south research project developed the skills of a university department 19 de julio de 2017 - (English) This article was written by Oyewole Adekunle Oladapo, doctoral student and tutorial assistant in the Department of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He was part the research team at Ibadan University that led, alongside colleagues from FundaUngo in El Salvador, the ELLA comparative research on community-based crime prevention.
[Inglés] [ELLA Community blog series] Pastoralism and Culture in Karamoja Region 29 de mayo de 2017 - This article has been written by Loupa Pius of the Dodoth Agro-pastoralist Development Organization (DADO). Pius is a member of the ELLA Community; he has taken part in the Learning Alliance and Study Tour on Pastoralism and Land Tenure, and was an ELLA LEAP Award recipient. The following article discusses the plight of pastoralists in the Karamoja in the face of changing public policies regarding land tenure in Uganda.
[Inglés] [ELLA Community blog series] Where is the Problem? Skepticism about Uganda’s “Oil 2020″ dream 24 de mayo de 2017 - This article has been written by Sabastiano Rwengabo, research fellow at the Kampala-based regional think tank Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE). He has taken part in the Learning Alliance and Study Tour on Oil and Gas Local Content, and was an ELLA LEAP Award recipient. In the following article, he examines the skepticism of part of Uganda's population about the plans to start oil explotation by 2020, after a series of complications and delays.
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