February 2016
¿Cómo comparar las experiencias de desarrollo de América Latina y África?
How can Latin American and African development experiences be compared in a meaningful way, for the regions to be able to learn from each other effectively?  Mark Lewis, ELLA Programme director, share the efforts made by the ELLA partners to answer this question during the Comparative Evidence workshops in Bogota, Colombia and Accra, Ghana.
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November 2015
¿Cómo medir el impacto de las iniciativas de investigación e intercambio de conocimiento sur-sur?
This article discusses the difficulty of demonstrating the impact of south-south knowledge exchange initiatives, and what the ELLA team has done to overcome this. Authors: Alicia Quezada, Practical Action Consulting Latin America Manager, and Andrea Baertl, ELLA Programme Research Uptake Adviser.
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