20, March, 2014

ELLA Learning Alliance on Extractive Industries – Module 3: Preventing and Addressing Social Conflicts

Module 3 of the Learning Alliance on Extractive industries (LEA1) aimed to exchange knowledge on a range of issues regarding extractive industries and social conflicts. participants exchanged their own perspectives and assessed how such knowledge could be adapted to their own regions.

The five weeks that made up Module 3 began with the Moderator identifying the underlying causes and actors involved in extractive industry conflicts. He then provided an analysis of recent Latin American country responses and policies and called upon LEA1 members to present experiences and policies from their own countries. The discussions that followed resulted in a deeper assessment of how small-scale or informal mining, and inadequate tax and royalty distributions systems cause social conflicts in the context of extractive projects. Likewise, the potential of community consultation as a strategy to prevent and manage conflicts was debated. In discussion week 4, the Moderator and participants also explored one possible consequence of conflicts; involuntary resettlement or population displacement.

This document summarises the posts and main conclusions drawn from the discussions. Materials shared are hyperlinked and selected contributions are also highlighted. Finally, conclusions from the module are presented.

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Key Conclusions:

  • Community consultation can be an important strategy to prevent and manage conflicts resulting from extractive industry activities.
  • Establishing transparent dialogue and negotiation processes is the only way to maintain conflicts under control and reach socially sustainable agreements.
  • Participatory policies and mechanisms for planning rural development are key in conflict prevention.
  • Latin American cases show how rent distribution alone does not diminish conflicts. Instead, it is necessary to enhance development in communities surrounding extractive activities in order to provide adequate compensatation.

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