21, April, 2014

ELLA Learning Alliance on Small-scale Farming – Module 3: Public Policies to Sustain Small-scale Farming

The Moderator aimed to share knowledge and foster debate on three main policy issues regarding sustainable small-scale farming. Participants exchanged their own perspectives and assessed how such policies could be adapted to their own regions.

During the three weeks of Module 3, the Moderator, Manuel Glave, focused the dialogue on three policy issues. First, the compliance challenge around agricultural health standards. Second, the conditions for increasing financial inclusion of rural households in order to reduce rural poverty and promote economic diversification, and, finally, a discussion of the dynamics of land grabbing, with the corollary dilemmas of food security, environmental degradation and distributional effects.

This document summarises participants’ contributions as well as main conclusions drawn from the discussions. Materials shared are also hyperlinked.

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Key Conclusions:

  • The main challenge for ensuring food safety and agricultural health standards is establishing and enforcing domestic market standards (currently poorly enforced).
  • Appropriate institutional arrangements for rural microfinance are lacking in many countries of Africa and Asia. From Latin American experience it appears that institutional innovations for risk management are needed in order to enhance the reach and success of rural microfinance.
  • Land grabbing may have perverse effects on food security, environmental sustainability and resource distribution. Regulations need to include a set of public policies to mitigate the negative social and economic effects of this current trend.

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