30, May, 2017

Improving Protection Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence

The Online Learning Alliance (LEA) on Domestic Violence focused on understanding violence against women as an issue of public concern, identifying and assessing protection services for survivors of domestic violence in Latin America and Africa and developing strategies to improve policies and practices.

Participants of the Online Learning Alliance on Domestic Violence came from 35 different countries across four continents. Participants learned and shared experiences on the current state of domestic violence in Latin America and Africa, reflected on policy responses and discussed strategies for improving protection services that better support women and children. Comparative analysis between the two regions, facilitated by the moderators, supported this inter-regional lesson learning. The following document reflects the main lessons shared.

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Key Conclusions:

  • Enacting comprehensive gender-based violence (GBV)/ domestic violence (DV) laws is a first step to guaranteeing women’s rights and to converting GBV/DV into public issues that must be addressed by the state.
  • For legal frameworks to work effectively, sufficient public funds must be made available to implement public policies and programmes and to raise awareness amongst and train civil servants and the general public.
  • Institutions in charge of GBV/DV prevention, punishment and protection should be proactive, strong and well-coordinated, so as to ensure that the issue can be truly tackled and/or eradicated.
  • Civil society organisation, the academia, coalitions, networks, and international and regional organisations can play a major role in pushing through the approval of GBV/DV laws. Once these legal frameworks are enacted, these actors can also contribute to their effective implementation.

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