3, December, 2014

Climatescope 2013: New Frontiers for Low-Carbon Energy Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean

Climatescope is a comprehensive index and report assessing the environment for low-carbon investment in Latin America and the Caribbean, developed by the Multilateral Investment Fund, part of the Inter-American Development Bank, and Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

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This second edition identifies new frontiers, in both countries and sectors, for low-carbon investment, clean energy capacity build-up and carbon offset project development in the region. Climatescope profiles 26 countries in the region, evaluates their ability and potential to attract capital for low-carbon energy sources, and ranks them based on what has been achieved to date.

Orginal publication date: 2014
Publisher:  Multilateral Investment Fund

Click here to view the complete document in PDF format

Haga click aqui para ver el documento completo en formato PDF (versión española)



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