19, December, 2014

Green Economy in Amapá State, Brazil: Progress and Perspectives

This report from the International Institute for Environment and Development discusses the opportunities presented by the Amapá State government’s intention to make the transition to a green economy.

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It explores initial progress in green policy and activity, and associated dynamics in the political economy, and lays out a broad but feasible set of sectoral and cross-sectoral policy options. The paper also offers an initial assessment of a pioneer, inclusive scheme of payments to small producers for forest-based environmental services: Pro-extrativismo Programme. It draws on lessons from Amazonas state that can help to inform Amapá’s green economy strategy and concludes with recommendations for further technical collaboration, and for priorities in sectoral policy and cross-sectoral enabling conditions, with a focus on government leadership.

Authors: Virgilio Viana, Cecilia Viana, Ana Euler, Maryanne Grieg-Gran, Steve Bass
Publication Date: June, 2014
Publisher: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

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