18, May, 2012

Promoting Climate Change Adaptation Policies – a Pilot Approach from Semi-arid Northeast Brazil

CDKN's Action Lab Innovation Fund is supporting the project "Promoting climate change adaptation policies through the integration of multi-stakeholder dialogues and research-led initiatives – a pilot approach from the semi-arid region of northeast Brazil."

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The Brazilian semi-arid region is among the poorest areas of Latin America. About 30 million people are affected annually by prolonged dry periods that according to scientific studies will intensify due to climate change. Small farmers are likely to be affected the most because of their little means and resources for adaptation.


Adapta Sertao is a coalition of research institutions, NGOs and cooperatives that since 2006 are helping small farmers become more resilient to climate change through an adapted agricultural system consisting of a combination of irrigated and drought resistant crops. Adapta Sertao has been consistently testing and monitoring 16 different arrangements implemented together with small farmers over the past two years to understand their true adaptive and food security potential.

Starting from this experience, this project aims to:

  • Test and monitor more arrangements;
  • Synthesise the experience from a climate adaptation perspective by analysing relevant scientific datasets;
  • Promote the integration among existing national socioeconomic policies to address climate change adaptation in the semi-arid region of northeast Brazil, through multi-stakeholder dialogues with policy makers, and using the synthesised results as a basis for discussions.

Expected outcomes:

  • A synthesised climate change adaptation model for small farmers living in dry areas that can be replicated in other dry regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America;
  • Development of an approach for multi-stakeholder dialogues that can foster national climate adaptation policies;
  • Integration of climate change into existing development policies.


Principal investigators:

Thais Corral, Daniele Cesano, Brazil, REDEH – Network for Human Development


Partners and partner organisations:


Photo credit: Dep. Neusa Cadore.


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