27, November, 2014

Winds of Change: The Progress of Open Government Policymaking in Latin America and the Caribbean

This paper from the IDB includes a detailed analysis of the progress of open government strategies within Latin America and the Caribbean, based on an in-depth review of the action plans of 14 of the 15 current Open Government Partnership (OGP) members in the region.

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The year 2013 has become known as the year of Open Government. The continuing progress of the Open Government Partnership represents the consolidation of a process that, in less than two years, has strengthened the promotion and implementation of public policies. These policies are founded on the principles of transparency and access to public information, citizen participation, integrity, and the harnessing of technology on behalf of openness and accountability in 63 participating countries. The Latin American and Caribbean region, in particular, stands out with the most widespread participation, including 15 borrowing member countries of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Fourteen of these have action plans in process for the implementation and/or evaluation of these policies, reinforcing their commitment to open government. Trinidad and Tobago, one of the 15 member countries, will soon present its own action plan. To date, various countries are developing public consultation processes and opportunities for participation for a new two-year period of commitments relating to open government. It is, therefore, worthwhile to review, country-by-country, the commitments that have been carried out and to consider the views expressed by relevant stakeholders. This analysis will further contribute to this emerging domain a new paradigm for public policy and management reform in the 21st century.

Authors: ÁlvaroRamírez Alujas, Nicolás Dassen
Orginal publication date: March, 2014
Publisher:  Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

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