19, April, 2013

Women’s Land: Reflections on Rural Women’s Access to Land in Latin America

Strengthening women’s access to land and control over its use is not just a matter of agricultural development and food security, but a question of human rights and justice for women.

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The human rights of women are not yet fully respected despite the progress made in legislation at global, regional, and national levels. Apart from formal legislation, access to and control of land by women should be part of other mechanisms for recognising these rights, in communities, for example, where women are often not included in spaces for participation and decisionmaking. Although the law may protect their land rights, it is difficult for rural women to gain access to the judicial system to protest when these rights are violated.

This scenario of inequality in which women find themselves can be reversed through social and economic changes to give women the tools they need to empower themselves.

This book is the result of a collective effort by many women from several parts of Latin America. It is unique because it represents the accumulation of reflections, inputs, visits, discussions, and meetings. The document synthesises various activities taken forward by ILC and other institutions: the publication of six research studies carried out in 2009, two international discussion forums (one held in Colombia and the other in Costa Rica), and the reflections of three specialists on agrarian issues who – drawing on their own experiences and expertise – engage in a dialogue with the research studies to generate further knowledge.


Authors: Carmen Diana Deere, Susana Lastarria-Cornhiel, Claudia Ranaboldo
Coordinator: Patricia Costas
Orginal publication date: April, 2011 (English digital version, 2013)
Publisher: International Land Coalition (ILC) - Latin America, Fundación Tierra

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