15, November, 2011

Spotlight on Organisations: Government Oversight and Supreme Audit Institutions

This Spotlight highlights key Latin American and international organisations working to support improved oversight of public spending, focusing on the resources they offer to development actors from other regions.

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Organisation of Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (Organización Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Entidades Fiscalizadoras Superiores - OLACEFS)

Link: http://www.olacefs.net/
Areas of Expertise: SAIs, government oversight, ethics and transparency, environment, SAI performance, evaluation, Information and Communication Technologies in SAIs, citizen participation in oversight
Key Activities: Scientific research, case studies, training, consultancy and technical assistance to LA SAIs
With membership by 19 SAIs from the region, OLACEFS promotes and undertakes systematic research on external oversight institutions and shares results with members. OLACEFS collaborates with other regional organisations like the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), World Bank (WB), and Organisation of American States (OAS) to provide technical and financial support to LA’s SAIs. OLACEFS’ reports, publications, and projects will be valuable to African and South Asian public officers and development practitioners working to strengthen external oversight institutions.

Iberoamerican Network of Audit Experts (Red Iberoamericana de Expertos en Fiscalización - REI)

Link: http://www.conecta-ceddet.org/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=275&Itemid=213&lang=en
Areas of Expertise: External oversight, audits, economic and fiscal public management
Key Activities: Knowledge exchange, networking, forums and thematic conferences, digital magazine, short education courses
REI is a network that promotes development cooperation and exchange of knowledge and best practices between LA, Spanish, and Portuguese audit and oversight experts. Particularly relevant is its multicountry research on LA SAIs’ work and experiences, which it publishes in its semi-annual Magazine of the Iberoamerican Network of Audit Experts (Revista de la Red de Expertos en Fiscalización). REI’s work and publications will be useful to South Asian and African audit experts interested in accessing best practices of LA SAIs.

Initiative for Transparency, Citizen Participation and Accountability - TPA Initiative (Iniciativa Transparencia, Participación Ciudadana, y Accountability)

Link: http://iniciativatpa.wordpress.com/
Areas of Expertise: SAIs, transparency, citizen participation, accountability
Key Activities: Research, publications, systematisation of SAI best practices, network of experts
The TPA Initiative is a regional project to strengthen LA countries’ oversight systems, focusing especially on SAIs. It promotes cooperation and exchanges of information and experiences between civil society organisations (CSOs), academics, and public officials working on oversight. Formed by CSOs from 13 LA countries, it is the first citizen-led regional effort to analyse and document SAIs’ work and best practices in transparency, citizen participation, and accountability. African and South Asian CSOs, academics, and the public sector will benefit from on-line access to the publications library and network of LA CSOs working on oversight.

Organisation of Central American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (Organización Centroamericana y del Caribe de Entidades Fiscalizadoras Superiores - OCCEFS)

Link: http://www.sica.int/occefs/
Areas of Expertise: SAIs, oversight, social control mechanisms, audit
Key Activities: Networking, technical support and training to SAIs, congresses and meetings to exchange SAI experiences
Formed by Central American and Caribbean SAIs and the Finance Office of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), OCCEFS promotes the integration and strengthening of SAIs through cooperation and technical assistance. On its website, South Asian and African readers can find useful information like SAI training materials, project information, and reports from international seminars and regional meetings.

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Support for Countries on Transparency and Anticorruption

Link: http://www.iadb.org/en/topics/transparency/support-for-countries/support-for-countries-on-transparency-andanticorruption, 1164.html
Areas of Expertise: Transparency and Access to Information (TAI), accountability, anti- corruption policies
Key Activities: Research, publications, technical and financial assistance to governments
The Transparency and Anticorruption Project supports LA countries to institutionalise TAI, facilitate accountability, and consolidate mechanisms for preventing and monitoring corruption, through capacity-building, knowledge dissemination, and technical and financial assistance. In particular, the project has supported LA SAIs to improve their audit and oversight capacities for preventing and sanctioning corruption. South Asian and African development practitioners, regional oversight organisations, and public officers of SAIs can benefit from the publications and project information published online.

World Bank Institute (WBI), Access to Information Program

Link: http://wbi.worldbank.org/wbi/news/2010/07/27/available-now-new-practitioner-resources-access-information
Areas of Expertise: Transparency and Access to Information (TAI), accountability, citizen participation
Key Activities: Research, support to project implementation, knowledge exchange, networking
The WBI’s Access to Information (ATI) Program aims to improve countries’ capacities to formulate, implement, use and enforce ATI legislation through regional knowledge exchange, research, and networking. Recent publications focus on examples of proactive TAI policies and promoting citizen participation and TAI in SAIs and in the judiciary branch. The publications, edited in collaboration with the Argentinian organisations Association for Civil Rights (ADC) and Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ), document best practices from LA SAIs. South Asian and African academics, CSOs, and public officers will benefit from accessing LA best practices on oversight and TAI.

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