6, July, 2016

Beyond Domestic Violence Laws: Women’s Experiences and Perceptions of Protection Services in Ghana

This research reviews the response to Domestic Violence in Africa, focusing in on Ghana, and asks ‘What are women’s experiences and perceptions of protection services provided to survivors of domestic violence in Ghana?’ based on interviews at a shelter in Accra.

In the first part of the paper, particular attention is given to the different ways in which the institutional model has been developed in Africa in general and in Ghana in particular. We analyse the particular process through which domestic violence appeared on the public agenda in each individual country. We also pay attention to the various evidence-based research studies available on the impact of various preventive, punitive and protective components of domestic violence legislation.

In the respective case studies, attention will shift to focus on the ways in which the model of protection is designed in each country and the range of protection services that are offered to survivors of domestic violence. We will then explore the concrete experiences of women who are survivors of domestic violence. Being one of the central institutions to provide protection to survivors, the shelter is the main unit of analysis in the research.

Akosua K. Darkwah
Mansah Prah

The authors work at the University of Ghana.

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