Climate Resilient Cities (LEA6)


Making Cities More Resilient to Climate Change

The structured learning programme of the online Learning Alliance on Climate Resilient Cities took place during 2013. The Learning Alliance was delivered by moderators and facilitators from SouthSouthNorth (SSN), Brazil.

Based on the online discussions, we have produced the following Learning Alliance Highlights: Discussion 1: City Level Climate Change Plans and Policies Discussion 2: Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessments at the City Level Discussion 3: Integrating Climate Considerations into Urban Land-Use Planning Discussion 4: Urban Disaster Risk Reduction Discussion 5: Early Warning Systems Discussion 6: Community Involvement and Capacity Building for DRR Discussion 7: Improving Infrastructure for Climate Resilience in Cities Discussion 8: Climate Resilient Buildings and Urban Upgrading Discussion 9: Low Carbon Development Strategies A study tour to Brazil took place in mid 2013. Below is a short video of the study tour
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