Venessa You get so caught up in the day to day, so I really enjoyed that experience [Learning Alliance and visit to Mexico,] to reflect and think that there is something I can try in South Africa. It’s funny, sometimes you have to go out of your own country to gain perspective.
Venessa Padayachee | National Institute of Crime Prevention and Reintegration of Offenders  | South Africa
Adolf You might have thought about something in your home country, and you may be wondering, “is it possible?” […] And then you get the opportunity to go into a study tour and you realize [your idea] can be more than a dream; that it’s possible; realizable. It can be done.
Adolf Awuku Bekoe | Domestic Violence Coalition | Ghana

Name: Cecilia Toledo
Organization: Fundar
Country: Mexico

kehinde [The ELLA Learning Alliances] provide a unique and innovative opportunity for global exchange of knowledge and vital information with an impressive parade of knowledgeable participants cutting across different fields of specialisation.
Kehinde Adegbite | Nigeria
Alic [ELLA] was a great experience, especially online. We could access information at the appropriate time and could also share our experiences to inform others what is the context in our country.
Alice Mocheche | Centre for Citizen’s Empowerment Programme | Kenya

Name: Ayobami Ojebode
Organization: University of Ibadan
Country: Nigeria

victor The new knowledge I gained from the [Domestic Violence] Learning Alliance has informed the decision of my organisation to undertake more research and advocacy on Domestic Violence. We have increased our partnership base from 5 to 10 other NGOs and Law Enforcement points.
Victor C. Eze | Nigeria
Ram-chandra I’m pretty confident that the learning I had from ELLA helped me to widen my work as a consultant. The experience gave me a lot of opportunities to learn and helped me to enhance my capabilities and to build my confidence.
Ram Chandra Khanal | Nepal

Name: Akosua K. Darkwah
Organization: Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA)
Country: Ghana


October 2017
Land Rights, Women’s Rights: Stories from the Evidence and Lessons from Latin America programme
After closing the second phase of the ELLA Programme, Mark Lewis, programme director, shares two stories inter-regional lesson learning and policy impact achieved by the programme.
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October 2017
[ELLA Community blog series] Livelihood through Self-help Groups (SHGs): Cases from Rural India
The research paper is based on study carried out by the author on Self-help Groups (SHG) from rural India. It is pertinent to mention that according to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) SHG means “an association whose members agree to work together for common objective”. The donor agencies and government organize SHGs for the economic improvement of rural households (Glossary of terms for agricultural insurance & rural finance, FAO, 1992). The cases of SHG, which have been gaining momentum across rural India, are presented with few case studies, conducted by the author in different periods of time. The author has observed that it has created tremendous impact among the rural women who mostly belong to Below Poverty Line (BPL) categories as not only family income has gone up but they have been feeling empowered also.
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