March 2017
Community scorecards for Cape Town’s townships
Citizen participation principles seem easy to grasp in theory but, how can translate into practice? This is the story about how South Africa’s Human Sciences Research Council adapted Latin American models of citizen participation to pilot programmes to improve local services in Cape Town’s informal settlements
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January 2017
Using water efficiently to tackle climate challenges in Nepal
This is the story of how a Nepalese expert took ideas on efficient water use technologies from Pintadas in North East Brazil to Manang District in Western Nepal.
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December 2016
A climate change action plan for Kenya
This is a story about how the ELLA Programme shared Latin America's experience on adaptation in drylands with Kenyan ministry officials to inform their national action plan.
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November 2016
Alternatives for citizen oversight in the Delta State, Nigeria
This is the Story of how a Nigerian NGO built on Mexican NGO approaches to engaging the state, to access goverment service and budget information in the Delta State, Nigeria.
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October 2016
Accessing Cameroon’s Forestry Information
By providing greater access to public information and promoting transparency, Latin American governments can inform citizens about policies, improve social oversight of programmes, reduce corruption, advance human rights, and enhance accountability. But, are there similar mechanisms to make information accessible to citizens in Cameroon?
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