Unusual comparative research and learning between countries (Evidence Week – Lima, Peru)

On October the 17th, the Evidence Week (Semana de la Evidencia) in Lima, Peru, began with a four person panel presented by the ELLA Programme (managed by Practical Action) and GRADE. During this event, the speakers shared ELLA’s experience with comparative evidence-based research in a range of economic and social issues in Africa and Latin America. They spoke about the value of comparing “apples and oranges”; how comparing very different countries can lead to a broader world view and innovative perspectives.

The ELLA Programme presentation was led by its director, Mark Lewis, and Andrea Baertl, research uptake advisor, who spoke about the programme’s outreach aimed at policymakers and practitioners.

GRADE, a prominent Peruvian think tank that has been working with ELLA since 2011, also joined the panel. Gerardo Damonte y Manuel Glave, two of GRADE’s main researchers, were in charge of the presentation. They shared insights into comparative research on pastoralist societies and how working on this issue with the Tegemeo Institute in Kenya led them to interesting new findings.

Expositores, de derecha a izquierda: Mark Lewis, Gerardo Damonte, Manuel Glave, Andrea BaertlFrom left to right: Mark Lewis, Gerardo Damonte, Manuel Glave, Andrea Baertl


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